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FabricWorks creates high quality commissions whilst creating training opportunities and routes to employment.


Our FabricWorks training programme gives opportunities to local women, from a variety of backgrounds and skills levels, to take part in textile design and production courses.


But our weekly courses are more than just learning how to sew...


We provide:

- A welcoming space for local long-term unemployed women to meet, to learn, to create

- A range of industry standard machining, hand sewing and garment production classes. 

- One-to-one support

- Work experience and volunteering opportunities

- C.V building session


These courses have a direct impact on benefitting local communities in East London and beyond, by allowing us to provide progression opportunities to our FabricWorks production team and towards sustainable employment.



আপনি আমাদের ক্লাস যোগদান সম্পর্কে আরও তথ্য পেতে চান তাহলে , 02079876164 উপর Katie বা Fini সাথে যোগাযোগ করুন .


আমরা তথ্য , পরামর্শ , এবং দিক নির্দেশনা প্রদান করে থাকে.

Some of our successes...

Fatheha Hussein, from Sylhet, Bangladesh. Production Team since 2010 “When I came to England with my family, aged 14, I found it very difficult, moving from beautiful countryside to a crowded house on Brick Lane. I couldn’t find work, and was very unhappy, but when I found the FabricWorks sewing class in 2005, I didn’t want to leave! I could only sew to a basic level, but I have now progressed, and am now an employed member of the FabricWorks Production team."


"It was only when I found FabricWorks that I didn’t want to go home anymore!”

'Nehar' has attended our English for sewing and FabricWorks training classes for 3 years. She lives on the Locksley Estate, Limehouse, Tower Hamlets.

Nehar began attending the classes as she wanted to improve her English and to be able to work. She has since progressed onto our FabricWorks training programme, joining in January 2015.Since attending our weekly classes, her sewing, confidence and English has greatly improved.


Nehar has just finished her first ever volunteering placement, undertaken within the FabricWorks studio. She has been learning how to make aprons, commissioned by Granger and Co restaurant from textile designer Hazel Stark.

She has been volunteering for 3 weeks part-time, learning how to press, about the workings of a studio, and about manufacturing in multiples.


“At first I found the course a little bit hard, but I am really enjoying learning. I look forward to coming in and feel like a really valued part of a team. I felt depressed when I was at home, with nothing to do, but coming in regularly has improved my health. I am sleeping better since I have been volunteering, I don’t feel lazy. This is my first experience of working and I have enjoyed it.


"It feels like a family, like a home, and I feel part of something, and important."


"We are happy to come to Stitches in Time and FabricWorks in Limehouse Town Hall - We say it’s ‘Our Town Hall’"

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