A B O U T   U S 

We proudly support start-ups, small and large brands. We’ll work with you to make what you need, from a one-off sample, to full-scale manufacturing.


Work with us and support an ethical supply chain. We will not only produce your items to the highest quality, you can proudly state you are choosing to manufacture ethically and in the UK.


By choosing to manufacture with us you are:


  • Supporting a transparent supply chain

  • Reducing environmental impact

  • Supporting local communities

  • Empowering women 

We are passionate about making sustainable products come to life, working hand-in-hand with our clients to support their vision.


  • High Quality, both “in our product, and in the life of the person that made it". Orsola de Castro, Co-Founder  Fashion Revolution

  • Responsive communication

  • Long-term partnerships