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FabricWorks is a women lead social enterprise and leading ethical clothing and textile manufacturer. We create high-quality commissions whilst creating training opportunities and work, cost at a living wage for local women who have previously faced multiple barriers to employment. We produce new and mend old garments, homeware and textile items based in our East London studio.



By choosing to manufacture with us you are:


  • Supporting a transparent supply chain


  • Reducing environmental impact caused by overseas shipping


  • Supporting local communities


  • Empowering women through supportive work



We are passionate about making sustainable products come to life,

working hand-in-hand with our clients to support their vision.


Our values 


  • Flexible supportive employment to support individuals with their needs and availability 


  • Nuturing employment which supports and enables individuals to develop and expand their skill


  • A person-centred approach to our value chain and production - collaborating as a whole team to make production decisions and lead times together.


  • We are all passionate as a team about creating sustainable products of value within our planetary boundaries.


Our training programmes 


Our FabricWorks training programmes give opportunities to local women, from a variety of backgrounds and skills levels, to take part in textile design and production courses.


But our weekly courses are more than just learning how to sew...


We provide:

- A welcoming & nuturing space - for local women to meet, to learn, to create together. Some women want to progress to work in industry, but are long-term unemployed and face multiple barriers to employment. Some want the social contact. All are welcome. 

- A range of industry standard machining, hand sewing and garment production classes. 

- Expert teachers, and supportive sewing classes taught in Arabic, English and Bengali

- One-to-one support in both sewing and personal issues

- Work experience and volunteering opportunities

- C.V and portfolio development sessions


These courses have a direct impact on benefitting local communities in East London and beyond, by allowing us to provide progression opportunities to our FabricWorks production team and towards sustainable employment.


Senior Production Team

"When I came to England from Bangladesh with my family, aged 14, I found it very difficult, moving from beautiful countryside to a crowded house on Brick Lane.


I couldn’t find work, and was very unhappy, but when I found the FabricWorks sewing class in 2005, I didn’t want to leave! I could only sew to a basic level, but I have now progressed, and am now an employed member of the FabricWorks Production team.


It was only when I found FabricWorks and Stitches in TIme that I didn’t want to go home anymore!”

Some stories from our studio

Screen Shot 2020-04-21 at 14.43.52.png

FabricWorks Student

"At first I found the course a little bit hard, but I am really enjoying learning. I look forward to coming in and feel like a really valued part of a team. I felt depressed when I was at home, with nothing to do, but coming in regularly has improved my health.


I am sleeping better since I have been volunteering, I don’t feel lazy. This is my first experience of working and I have enjoyed it. It feels like a family, like a home, and I feel part of something, and important."


FabricWorks Student

"I was unhappy and miserable before I came here, and was stuck at home. I was isolated and felt so alone. I had my own fears about joining the course, but coming here has made me realise there are things


I can do with myself and my life. I'm now excited to come. I came to learn to sew but I've gained so much, it's been life-changing.”


FabricWorks is the enterprise arm of charity

Stitches in Time.

Stitches in Time began as an experiment to see if sewing could start conversations between strangers.


This small experiment in 1993 turned into our giant founding project, the creation of 50 tapestries made by over 3,000 local people. See one here----->>>

FabricWorks began as a project of Stitches in Time in 2014, to match the need for London based, ethical manufacture with the need for supportive employment for local women.


Our aim is to match the interest and skill in sewing in East London with the need for London-based garment and textile manufacture.


We proudly support individuals start-ups, small and large brands. We’ll work with you to make what you need, from a one-off sample, to full-scale manufacturing.


Work with us and support an ethical supply chain. We will not only produce your items to the highest quality, you can proudly state you are choosing to manufacture ethically and in the UK.

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