F A Q ' S

What are you minimum- maximum order quantities?

We understand the difficulty in producing in large quantities, so we don't have minimum order quantities.

Units below 15 pieces per style are priced at an hourly rate over general unit rate.

There are no maximum order quantities either, but lead times will be subject to each product.


Does quantities and costing include the same style in different colour ways?


Yes, we do include various colour ways of the same style in the overall unit quantity.


However if items are produced in different fabric properties then this will be seen as a different unit quantity for costing.



How long does production take/ Lead times –


Lead times vary depending on complexity of each product, units and production development.

It also depends on the capacity and schedule during the desired time.

Lead times for garments and collections can vary from 2-4 months.


Lead times for homeware and accessories can vary from 3 weeks to 2 months.


This also doesn’t include any specific lead times required for sourcing materials.


Please get in touch to discuss your own lead times.



What does the unit price include –


Our units are inclusive of lay plan and fabric consumption of each sample.

- Sewing of garment


- Cutting & pressing


- Quality control

It does not include-


- Fabric and trims


- Patterns


- Samples


- Packaging or shipping


Do you supply fabrics and trims?


We recommend clients source their own fabrics and trims to ensure everything is to their own specification.


We can advise you on where to source items or at an extra cost we can source these for you too if requested.



Can you do one off sampling?


We can sample one off items, but in busy production periods priority will be made for sampling for bulk


This could be a 3-4 month turnaround time and cost depends on the complexity of the item.