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Take the hassle out of production.


You choose the item and your fabric

We do the rest.



Shop our Blank Canvas range - 

A quick, easy way of getting items made up in the fabric of your choice.

  • No minimum order quantity

  • No need to provide patterns

  • No hidden costs


We make your manufacturing easy.

Read through our Term and Conditions then start shopping

Terms and conditions 


If you’re interested in a specific product but have any questions, (like you are are unsure of how many units to order/ label placements or fabrics to use), we recommend getting in touch with us first to discuss this with you. Please note during peak times this may take up to 7 working days to get back to you. 


Your order 


After paying for your order, please complete our ORDER FORM


This will include:

  • exact number of units you’d like to have made,

  • your label placement,

  • fabric your item will be made from,

  • when we can expect the fabric,

  • and any other information you’d like us to know. 

If you are purchasing 15+ units of an item, we will need to make a sample item first for you to review, before proceeding with your bulk order.



All payments will be taken before work will begin, on any order. Payments can be made either by ordering through our website or by invoice through a bank transfer, if you’ve raised an order request via email.

All outstanding payments are required to clear before work on any further orders can start.


If you purchase 15+ units then the item must be sampled and approved first. Sampling is done to ensure we are happy to work with your materials and that you are happy with the finished product including the finish, positions of labels and fabric positioning etc.


As part of the sampling procedure, we’re not able to offer refunds if you are unhappy with the sample made. We can resample for you as many times as you’d like to make amendments to your design, however this would be at the 1-15 unit cost each time. 


Sampling must also be done again if there are any alterations to an existing item or a change of material from any original item sampled with us in. This includes but is not limited to;


  • Zip changes

  • Label placement changes

  • Product size changes

  • Fabric type changes

  • Fabric weight changes

  • Print or pattern changes


By agreeing to an order with us, you are agreeing to supply all relevant materials for any order as laid out in any communications with our team / your website purchase e.g. supplying your own zips, if this is an option you selected at the check-out.

If the wrong or inappropriate materials are supplied, we will let you know and require this to be amended in 30 days or we will be unable to proceed with your order. Please note that any delay in getting us the correct material will affect your lead time for production - please see below.

Materials supplied for a production run should always be the same as the material sampled in, unless otherwise agreed with the team.

It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that all materials are supplied in the correct amount to complete an order. If not enough fabric is provided, we reserve the right to stop work on an order until the remaining fabric is supplied.

Refunds for products that could not be produced due to a lack of fabric will be reviewed case-by-case.


Fabric choices 

We do not work in chiffon, silk, stretch materials such as jersey, leather, or heavy- weight denim (we can work in lighter denim) for any of our products. We may also choose to decline your order if these fabrics are provided, and we feel we’re not able to manufacture with them. 

We recommend using woven materials for all our products such as Cotton, Tencel, Linen , viscose etc. On each product description we mention the various weights suitable for the selected item.

Placement prints - If you are using a fabric with a print that IS NOT a standard repeat pattern, fabric lengths WILL VARY. This is because more fabric will be needed to ensure your print is able to be placed exactly where you would like it to be on the item. Please get in touch with us if this applies to you.


Lead times

Our standard turnaround time for both samples and orders is four weeks. However, in peak times this may be slightly longer.  For larger runs (100 +) we recommend getting in touch with us first to confirm lead times. 

Lead times start from the day we receive your fabric / trims, not the day you placed your order. 



For 0-15 units of items and for samples, we will invoice you separately for your postage of your products. The amount will be subject to the weight, size and destination. The invoice payment is due 30 days from receipt. These will be posted by royal mail, 1st class tracked and signed for, once we post your items out we will update you on your tracking details.

For 15+ units we recommend you booking your own preferred courier service. Once the order is complete, we will let you know and liaise with you as to the best day for your order to be collected.

We cannot accept any liability for any delivery instructions which you give to the delivery company, e.g. if you ask the delivery company to leave your order in a different location to the one given at the time of your order we cannot accept responsibility if you fail to receive the order.


As a sustainable business we are always looking for the best options for improving our packaging. As standard all completed orders will be dispatched in recycled stretch plastic bags to ensure orders do not get water damaged in transit. 

These packing bags can also be recycled again after use, (including at carrier bag recycling points at most supermarkets).

Where possible we will also reuse any packaging that is sent to us by clients, such as boxes or reusable wraps or cushioning. 


We strongly advise that a prototype/test item is ordered first, before ordering a large run. This can be done on our website by ordering 1 piece of your desired product. When you send your fabric for your sample, please include the order form and specify how many items you’d be looking to have made for you bulk order, in addition to your label placement.  

We are unable to refund orders of bespoke items (1- 15 pieces) as all products are created explicitly and uniquely for you if you do not choose to sample first. This means that unfortunately we are not able to offer you a refund or a cancellation once the order has been accepted.


If an order is cancelled before work has begun there will be no charge made to the client. 

However, if an order has been started and a client requests the order be cancelled or postponed, all work up till that point will be requested in full payment, the remaining units we will refund – 20 % for admin charges. 


Product specifications 

The product dimensions quoted are approximate and may vary up to 5% +/-.

We are not liable for any variations on the specification of the goods up to 5% +/-,  as this can be subject to the fabric being used. 

Please get in touch with us first before placing an order, to discuss any custom measurements or alterations to individual products. 

Product mistakes 

Now and then, there may be a fault with the construction of a product. If that happens, please let us know within 30 days of receiving your order and we will do our best to fix the product. Where items cannot be amended, we will offer a refund on them where possible. If and when a refund is requested, we will ask for the product(s) to be returned to us before refunding, to check the faults. 

Frequently asked questions 

How much fabric will I need? 


To work out how much fabric you need, you will need to know the width of your selected fabric, the qty of the product you’d like to order, & the product width and height. 


For each product dimension add 2cm to the width & height for cutting. 


For example – 


Finished product measurements 

Height 43 cm by 33 cm width 


Material needed per item (please note this is for plain materials or items that don’t require a repeat print pattern placement) 


Height 45 cm, width 35 cm. 


Use the width of the product with cutting ie. 35cm and work out how many you can apply across the width. For example, if the width of the fabric was 150cm, you could cut 4 products. 


The height of the product is 45cm so you could fit 2 products in 1 metre


 4 width x 2 Height = 8


Therefore, you could fit 8 items in one metre of fabric. 


We also recommend ordering an additional 10% more fabric than needed to allow variation in materials.

How can I explain where I’d like my label placed on the product? 


Please print out or screen grab one of our photos of the chosen product(s) & draw on your label placement. Please also provide measurements of your label & label positioning. I.e. 2cm down from the zip at the centre. 


What materials/ trims do you use? 

Threads – We use coats moon thread on all our products for durability. If you’d like to provide your own thread, please let us know and include this in your material parcel, when shipping to us. Please note, if we feel your thread isn’t durable enough, we will let you know and replace it with one of our threads. 

*If we use our own threads, we will match this as close as possible to your product. We are not responsible for a dislike in the colour thread we have used if we’ve matched it as near as we can. If you think your fabric has unusual colour tones, we recommend sourcing and suppling your own thread. We also recommend letting us know which colour thread you’d like us to use in your booking form, if your fabric has multiple colourways. 

Zips – As standard we offer YKK zips with gold, or silver teeth, for both our small zip bags and tote bags 

For our cushion zips, we use concealed, white, or black zips. We recommend you provide your own invisible zips if you have a specific colour you’d like to use. 

Straps – When creating your straps for your bags or aprons, we use the same material you’ve provided for the main body of your product. However, if you’d prefer something more heavy weight and durable, you can provide your own cotton webbing straps. Please let us know what you’d prefer In your booking form.

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