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Our Cut/Make/Trim unit will turn your ideas into real items


Produce your patterns, manufacture your samples, and bulk produce your textile items

These can include:

Homeware // Accessories // Womenswear // Childrenswear


1. Share your idea

Send us an email with your production idea. Include a technical drawing, sketch, or a picture of a sample you've made or an example you like - the more information, the better!

Include size // fabrics // quantity needed // if you have a pattern or not // desired timescale.

2. We'll create a sample

Once we've discussed your commission, we will sample your item in the fabric of your choice. We'll invite you to our studio or post the sample to you for your approval.


We'll then make any final changes after our discussion, sample one final time, to ensure the product is perfect, before going into production.

3. Your item will go into Production

We'll complete your order in our London studio, making the items as per your agreed sample, and to our agreed deadline.


4. Delivery


Your order will be finished to a high standard, and ready for collection, or we can post/courier for a cost. 

To enquire about production please email us

Once we have received your email enquiry and confirmed we’re able to move your commission forward:

  1. We will provide you with an estimated cost per unit before developing a sample.

  2. If estimated costs are agreed, We will discuss your sampling and production schedule.

  3. We will produce a sample of the item first before going into production of multiples. This is to ensure it is exactly to your standard, and to confirm our production cost price is correct. Our expertise is to guide you in the making of each product, to the highest quality and in line with your budget.

Please note: If this is the first time developing a product it usually takes two rounds of sampling to progress items into production. For example – If we are making a bag. You might decide that you want to change the length of the handles, and change the size of the bag, and add an inside pocket. This would require the pattern to be changed and the bag sampled again.

4.Once the sample is approved by you, and the production price agreed, it will then go into production.




Costing Guidelines


The cost of making your item will depend on complexity of the product and number of units you want us to make –  We will be able to quote accurately after we have made a first sample.

  • We quote on an individual project basis.

  • Prices vary based on quantity, design, material and overall order size.

  • The cost to make each item depends on the time it takes to make it.

  • This depends on the how complex the construction of the product is.

  • We pay our talented team the London Living wage at a minimum, and our prices are reflective of this.


Pattern cutting cost - £25 per hour 


Sewing cost £15 - £20 per hour

For garments, homeware / accessories 

Please note, we only work with woven fabrics.

We do not work in stretch fabrics, therefore do not make

t-shirts, leggings, jumpers etc.

We do not offer a printing service.

For products under 15 units per style we cost items at an hourly rate over unit cost.


For products over 15 units per style, we cost the item at a price per unit. This makes it slightly cheaper for you to make over 15 items, as the more we make in one go, we can work faster and more efficiently


For example, a customer wants us to make a bag –

  • We create a sample, and it takes us 1 hour to make 1 bag.

  • Our sewing rate is £20 per hour, and therefore the sample costs £20.00

  • The customer approves the sample, and it goes into production.

  • We make 20 and therefore we can cut many out at the same time, and sew them quicker

  • This means we can make them in half the time, and they in production they will cost £10.00 each.


Upon receiving individual designs and details or specification sheets, a first estimate is made on the production rate.

To get a further idea on pricing, contact us to discuss your product.

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