A simple and durable apron design for home cooking, restaurants, pottery studios, or production factories. Suitable in a range of fabrics from lightweight cottons to heavy weight twills. 


Features: This item has long neck & side ties to ensure optimum fit for multiple sizing and large front pocket. Completed with overlocked & turned hemlines. 

Discount starts for 15 units, however there is no minimum order – you can order one or two if you wish. 


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Finished dimensions: 

Length - 88cm

Width - 72cm

Pocket - 22cm deep x 72cm wide

Straps - 79cm each

Neck strap - 55cm


Fabric needed for 1 unit:

100cm wide x 135cm length


Please check the table below, for the different unit costs & material options 


  • Unit Brackets

    1-15 units  15-30 units  35-100 units  105-300 units 
    £16.00 £15.50 £14.90 £14.10