Box tote bag

Box tote bag

A classic tote bag, with boxed bottom and sides making this the perfect everyday bag to carry all your essentials.

 This design is best suited for heavier weight fabrics such as canvas cotton, linen, or wool. 


Features: Strong and durable straps with Cross, top stitch for reinforcement. Overlocked inner sides and base. 




Discount starts for 15 units, however there is no minimum order – you can order one or two if you wish. 


Options - This bag is available with or without inner pocket. Please refer to images for both choices. 

The unit price includes applying your label and handmade straps, but the attachment of your own straps can be added if required. 


Please check the tables below, for the different unit and interior finishing costs 

  • 1-15 UNITS

    with out inner pocket  with inner pocket 
    £10.00 £10.90
  • 15-30 UNITS

    Without inner pocket  With pocket 
    £9.50 £10.40


  • 35- 100 UNITS

    Without inner pocket With inner pocket
    £8.90 £9.80


  • 105-300 UNITS

    without inner pocket  with inner pocket 
    £8.10 £9.00