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Napkins – Turn & turn or pin hem

Napkins – Turn & turn or pin hem

Classic square shaped napkin, Suitable for most light/medium weight fabrics; from cotton, linen, Tencel etc. 


Options: Available with turned hem or pin hem. Please refer to the images for the two different construction finishes.


Finished Dimensions - 

46cm length x 46cm width


Fabric Requirements-

Pin hem - 48cm length x 48cm width

Turn and turn - 49.5cm length x 49.5cm width


Size options – Please get in touch if you’d like to purchase with different dimensions.  


Discount starts for 15 units and above, however there is no minimum order – you can order just one or two if you wish.


If you’d like to apply your own brand labels, please read our FAQ’s


Please check the table at the bottom of the page, for the different unit costs & order options.

  • 1-15 UNITS

    Turned hem Pin hem 
    £4.80 £5.90
  • 15-30 UNITS

    Turned hem  Pin hem
    £4.30 £5.40
  • 35- 100 UNITS

    Turned hem Pin hem 
    £3.70 £4.80
  • 105- 300 units

    Turned hem  Pin hem 
    £2.90 £4.00
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