Repairing  holes in Knitwear

Repairing holes in Knitwear

Mending of small holes will not be completely invisible, but we will use similar colours / finishing where possible.  


For larger holes we will use visible mending, creating a woven patterned design on top to secure loose threads. Please specify in your booking form whether you’d like your mend to be in a similar or contrasting colour.


If you have multiple holes, please add these to your shopping basket sepertely, as per each measurement. 


Small hole in Knit wear 2cm.             £10.00 

Medium hole in Knit wear 2-4cm    £20.00 

Large hole in Knit wear  4-6 cm       £30.00 


Please measure your holes and pick the correct mending service required. Holes are measured from the top to bottom of split seam.  


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