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Alter your dress length

Alter your dress length

This service is for altering the length of your dress with a visible machine stitch, matched to the colour of your item. 


We can alter your dress length to your individual requirements - Please fold and pin with a safety pin your chosen length and include the measurements on your booking sheet. 


This service can be complete with a normal turned hem (1-4cm) or pin hem. We recommend using a pin hem for delicate materials such as silks or if your garment is  floaty/ drapey. 

For the machine turned hem, please specify your desired hem depth in your booking form ie. 1cm, 2cm , 4cm.


The second image shown, demonstrates a pin hem finish.


Standard pressed and sewn hem  £20 

Machine sewn, pin hem   £25.00 


Our mending item form will be emailed to you after purchase to send us your mend details, along with instructions for getting your garment to us.

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